Perfect Sleep: The Ultimate 20-Minute Yoga And Meditation Routine For Beginners To Fall Asleep Effortlessly At Night And Feel Energized During The Day

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The Pouya Yoga Routine For Perfect Sleep

Do you have running thoughts or a mind that "won't turn off" causing you many sleepless nights?

If that sounds familiar, you are not the only one.

According to a recent scientific study, 62% of adults worldwide report having sleeping problems.

And as we all know, sleep deprivation can cause severe, long-term health complications such as heart disease and heart failure, weak immune system, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

However, there is excellent news.

Your DNA is naturally programmed for you to fall asleep peacefully every night, and then wake up fully rested, with all the energy you need to spring out of bed and attack the day.

The solution is to unlock this natural ability hidden inside every one of us.

And this is a lot simpler than it sounds.

All it takes is 20 minutes every evening and adding a few simple habits to your day.

It's a method that I have been reliably using for years now with my private class students.

To say it's life-changing would be an understatement.

If you currently suffer from sleep deprivation, you'll feel like a completely different person once you get consistent deep sleep.

Much happier, free of stress and anxiety, and ready to enjoy this great adventure we call life.

And your partner, friends, and family will notice it too!

I used to only teach this method in person, but after all the requests, I now turned it into an easy-to-follow video course.

In the first module you will learn the yoga routine that will harmonize your body and release all tension & stress.

I handpicked the exercises to prepare your body and mind for a night of high-quality, uninterrupted sleep.

The exercises are beginner friendly, so you can follow along even if you've never done yoga.

You can do this routine from the comfort of your own home and don't need any special equipment. A simple carpet or yoga mat is enough.

The second module contains the 5 minute guided meditation that comes after the yoga routine. The meditation will bring your mind to a peaceful, relaxed state, completely ready to fall asleep.

In the third module, I tell you my 11 golden tips on how to fall asleep faster and maximize your sleep quality.

Topics covered include:

  • The one natural supplement that is critical for falling asleep (just taking this alone could already fix your sleep entirely)
  • How many hours before bed to stop consuming caffeine
  • The number 1 morning habit to help reset your internal morning clock
  • Afternoon naps: good or bad?
  • The truth on alcohol before bed

The last module is about the best sleeping positions. Sometimes making a slight adjustment in this area can have surprisingly significant results.

You'll have lifetime access to play or download the videos inside of this course and watch them whenever you like.

Included in this course:

  • The Complete Pouya Yoga Evening Routine For Perfect Sleep
  • 11 Golden Tips To Maximize Your Sleep Quality And Fall Asleep Easily
  • What Are The Best Sleeping Positions
  • Guided Meditation Video
  • Lifetime priority access to me for support and requests

I'm confident this course will drastically improve your sleep quality and energy levels during the day.

If not, just let me know, and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

It's my one-year 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are ready to start getting not a good, but a great night's sleep, then I urge you to go ahead and enroll in this course today.

You don't have to go through life tired. You don't have to walk through life like a zombie. You can be fully rested and energetic every single day.

Click the button below to join. I'll see you inside the course!

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Perfect Sleep: The Ultimate 20-Minute Yoga And Meditation Routine For Beginners To Fall Asleep Effortlessly At Night And Feel Energized During The Day

6 ratings
I want this!